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NAPLearn allows students to obtain fast feedback on their NAPLAN essays

Students enter their essay and then submit it for grading. Within minutes results are returned for the NAPLAN criteria such as Ideas, audience, Character & Setting, and Cohesion.

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New - Comprehensive Educational Assessment Platform

Provides features for:


Essay grading

Multiple choice questions

True/False questions

English grammar tests

Written and audio feedback to students

Ability for teacher/lecture to create the tests

Comprehensive reporting for Teacher/lecturer and students

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Fast turn-around time - get results to your students in days,  not weeks

Our systems automatically grade essays in seconds, not minutes or hours, and so we can get your results to you in two days - even if you have thousdands of essays. We provide full interactive visual feedback too. This means you can sit down with each individual student, and show the student his/her individual essay strengths and weaknesses, and explore alternative expressions of content.

In The News
Australia's plan for NAPLAN essays to be automatically graded in 2018 now scrapped

Years 3,5,7 and 9 students are assessed every year in Australia for numeracy and literacy. Literacy is assessed by students writing short essays on a specified topic.  These essays were scheduled to be graded automatically, starting in 2018. This plan has now been scrapped, due to opposition from state education ministers and teachers' unions.

10,700 short answer pyschology essays graded for the University of Maryland

Blue Wren Software has successfully graded 10,700 short answer pyschology essays for Professor Charles Stangor at the University of Maryland in the USA in the past few years.

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Professor Charles Stangor

Psychology Department

University of Maryland

Department of Education,

Western Australia

Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority,

Western Australia