Microsoft Word is the preferred document format. However we can also process .txt format files.

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In what format do I need to send my essays to you?

We use a lot of proprietory natural language processing techniques to grade your essays. We also use the Macquarie Thesuarus to process information about the content of your essays. We then use Multiple Linear Regression techniques to build scoring equations for your essays.

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How do you automatically grade essays?

After setup costs, it only costs you one Australian dollar per essay.

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How much does it cost to grade an essay?
I sent my essays to you today - When can I see my results?

You can usually receive your results within two days.

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Yes simply send us 100 essays on the required topic that you have graded, together with their grades, and we will take care of the rest.

Our scoring equation will reflect he way you have graded these essays.

Do I need to send you training essays to calibrate your system?

Simply place all your essays in a folder on your computer, zip them up into another folder, and email it to  rwilliams@amnet.net.au.

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How do I get my essays to you?